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Not all stories are created equal

At almost 37 weeks pregnant I don’t have much energy for anything more than resting in a big comfy chair with a good book – typing has been difficult because my hands are puffy and sore – but I have … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wish I was a publisher

I’ve read a few dreary books lately, of which some were on the best sellers list; one was even a Pulitzer Prize winner. Generally I read “Best Sellers” to keep in the loop and for the sake of diversity – … Continue reading

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The elderly book on the shelf

I have always imagined Paradise to be a kind of library – Jorge Luis Borges I’ve been indulging my passion for books during the second half of this pregnancy. I figure that I’m not going to have much time for … Continue reading

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Nothing common about commonsense

NothingĀ irritatesĀ me more than commonsense bloopers, especially in a public forum like the internet where every second person is a genius of knowledge about the “real” world. I just read an article on resume writing that claimed to have the “tips … Continue reading

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Pride in your work

Are you a narcissist if you enjoy your own writing? I’ve been going over some of my old, and even recent posts and have enjoyed the exercise of reading myself with a detached perspective. I don’t like everything I write … Continue reading

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