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The elderly book on the shelf

I have always imagined Paradise to be a kind of library – Jorge Luis Borges I’ve been indulging my passion for books during the second half of this pregnancy. I figure that I’m not going to have much time for … Continue reading

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The field

Ensuing from a previous post titled A bold statement of what we know, I’ve started reading The Field: The quest for the secret force of the universe by Lynne McTaggart. I’m only a few pages into the first chapter, but … Continue reading

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Durability of the printed word

The question of the durability of books – whether they will survive the technological novelties that are galloping through our lives, whether they will be valued, and most importantly, read – has been a hot topic recently. I like to … Continue reading

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The power of a good book

Last night I managed to sit down and read Everything is illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer straight through without returning to the computer as I thought I would. It wasn’t because I couldn’t put it down, rather it was that … Continue reading

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Reading days

Today is a day for sitting in the sun with a good book and appreciating other writers. Words occupy every moment of my waking life and some of my slumber too. If I’m not writing them, I’m reading them or … Continue reading

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