My creative goals

2010 Blueprint

  1. Launch first edition of Diversity Writers Network Journal
  2. Continue with The Sunlit Desk
  3. Read 50 books
  4. Contribute to Writers Rising
  5. Continue with novel
  6. Visit Lamington National Park to photograph old tree

Current and ongoing projects

  • Novel: The diary of magnificent thingscurrent
  • Novel: Joint project with mother about ancestors James and Sarah Hagan who arrived Australia 1836 – on hold
  • The sunlit desk blog – ongoing
  • Album of magnificent things (a journal of drawings, pictures, writings etc) – ongoing
  • Family album – joint project with my aunty – not yet started
  • Human diversity project (a photographic album celebrating human diversity) – ongoing – tied in to
  • – celebrating and promoting human diversity through storytelling. First edition published 10/1/10
  • Travel journal (a photographic journal of my travels) – ongoing
  • Photo archives – ongoing

Lifetime Goals

  1. Write & publish a short story
  2. Write and publish personal narratives/essays
  3. Write and prepare a novel for submission to publishers
  4. Publish a novel
  5. Learn to play the mandolin
  6. Learn to paint
  7. Improve on photography skills
  8. Make a documentary about traditional dance and music
  9. Family album
  10. Have my own library
  11. Read 1000 books


Goals 2009

  • Start a blog on creative writing
  • Start a blog on the sense of wonder
  • Maintain the blogs
  • Write and publish at least one article
  • Write the first draft of The diary of magnificent things
  • Practice the mandolin
  • Read 40 books by December 09
  • Learn Photoshop
  • Start Diversity writers network
  • Build Bibliotopia
  • 11 Responses to My creative goals

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    2. writenowlife says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Glad I found your blog. It will be great to follow your writing journey. And this formal posting of goals is great. I’m inspired for 2011 and might share that in an upcoming blog post.

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    4. Hi Sharon.
      What a wonderfully comprehensive and thoughtful blog. I wish I had more time this morning to keep reading !
      So glad to have stumbled upon you !


    5. lynnpriestley says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Your blog is fantastic and just what I need to see to help me to get myself organised. You are an inspiration! I will visit often.

    6. Michelle says:

      I hope you can move #3 and #4 up to #1 on the Lifetime goals. Keep at it. Write write write!

    7. kaefka says:

      My goodness you are well stocked up on things to do!

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