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Being a writer and writing a novel isn’t easy

Wisdom from Pooh

In 2011 I have adopted a new mentor – even if he will never know it. Some say he is only a fictional character, therefore he couldn’t possibly know about the “real” world. Some say he is simple and naive, … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

I feel like I’ve already got my Christmas present this year in the shape of a little girl, but because the spirit of Santa is munificent I get the gift over and over again. This year the whole family is … Continue reading

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Moving to the country etc

I was born in a big city and have always lived in big cities, hence I thought I was a big city girl. Lately, though, hubby and I have found ourselves increasingly unhappy with the big smoke – the pollution, … Continue reading

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All this because of a phone call

This blog was going to start something like this:┬áIt’s not my imagination, society is becoming more apathetic. I was going to write about how socially lethargic we’ve become, how common courtesy is about as common as common sense (not very), … Continue reading

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How much can I say before . . .

. . . she wakes up? I’m supposed to be cleaning the house while my husband sleeps in with our baby girl, but since it’s been awhile since I posted, I thought I’d get a few words in here first. … Continue reading

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