Bibliotopia update: 23 October, 2009

Progress is slow. I’ve started painting the brickwork, and am currently waiting on quotes to get the new external door done. The garden is complete though and doing beautifully. The herbs are already mature and have been harvested regularly. The tree fern has wonderful fiddleheads and everything is growing so fast due to the plentiful sunshine.

5 Responses to Bibliotopia

  1. Lot of good writing gonna come out of that crib. -Dr. B

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  3. cynthia says:

    Oh, is this what you’re preparing to be your writing space? How exciting! If it is, I hope you’ll add this link to a comment on catching days so everyone following along can come here to see!

    • Cynthia
      Thank you. I’ll check it out immediately. I love the idea of converting this dusty, unfriendly space into an intimate and functional library. I intend on doing most of the work myself, which makes the project even more exciting.

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