A squid in the belly

I’m 27 weeks pregnant this week and the baby is kicking and turning and causing mama all sorts of discomfort. I feel like I have a squid in my belly. But I wouldn’t quit for quids. Sleeping is hard, cooking is torture and forget long social events, yet I am surprisingly upbeat and looking forward to writing a new chapter of my life with this little individual. One of the most amazing experiences for my husband and I so far is how the baby follows his hand whenever he touches my belly. No matter where he puts his hand, the baby follows and reaches out to papa. This has made the experience more real for him and he feels more a part of the process.

I also wantto say congratulations to Dr Tom Bibey on the publication of your book. You’ve worked for every syllable and earned every page. I can’t wait to read it.


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2 Responses to A squid in the belly

  1. I’ve always said a man has to create a book ’cause he ain’t good enough to create a baby. A woman who can create a baby and write too, now that is something no man can top.

    Dr. B

    • Sharon says:

      Dr B, I often feel worse for my husband than I do for myself; he has only a fraction more sleep than I get each night, he rubs my feet and my back, listens to my complaints about back pain, makes me cups of tea and brings me dinner in bed when I’m too sick to move. All this and he works. I figure his job is harder than mine at the moment and he does it all without a single word of complaint. Doing this without him would be a nightmare. For me it’s not a matter of being good enough, but being strong enough, and that is something my hubby is in abundance.

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