People with stories

March has been a crazy month, but I have managed to get issue 3 of Diversity Writers Network Journal up. This month Jaime Skelton from Written Wings has rewritten one of her blog posts for the journal, and I’m very pleased to have worked with her and to be able to publish her piece. Jaime talks about her experiences with image in a very revealing piece titled Judge me by my words. Though the label, or theme, may be different, most people can identify with typecasting. We’ve all been its target, and probably its agent too. We see it on television, read it in books and on billboards and are exposed to it in every day conversation. On Sunday I caught myself using this device to typecast one elderly gentleman as “a corrupt old drunk”, based on his appearance and the flirtatious way he interacted with the nurses who were taking care of him. True, he was inebriated, bruised and scratched, and rather lascivious with any female nurse who came near him, but after realising what I was doing, I came to see him only as person with a story. And that is who we all are, people with stories.


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2 Responses to People with stories

  1. drtombibey says:

    Happy Easter from the U.S. Sharon. Keep on writing!

    Dr. B

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