Dream: crystal ceilings and taking the long way

Last night I dreamed of the ruins of a great underground city that I was helping to excavate. The city had been built deep within the Earth along an underground river and was naturally lit by a crystal ceiling. The crystal ceiling was quite significant because I stared at it for some time wondering how the builders of the city had slept at night with that radiating light. Part of the river was sulfurous and quite toxic to the skin, but somehow the builders had used the mud from the banks to create the bricks and mortar of the buildings. I was asked to make bricks for the reconstruction of a wall along the riverbank that formed. I recall looking over the site and being able to see a man made road leading out of the Earth to the surface, which I knew was built by the archaeologists. I remember thinking how I wish I had just taken that road from the surface to the underground instead of taking the much longer route that involved climbing and trudging through meandering tunnels and drops like the ancients had done. Yet, I knew by taking the alternative route I had a much better understanding of the ancients. I guess the easy way isn’t always the most beneficial.


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4 Responses to Dream: crystal ceilings and taking the long way

  1. Heather Conroy says:

    Love the dream! Sounds like your subconscious is trying to tell you something. I love how the crystal ceiling spans all the work that you are doing underneath it.

    • Sharon says:

      Heather, I think the ceiling is very significant and for me, it represents the complexities of the questions I’m asking at the moment and how much I want to illuminate the truth.

  2. Linda says:

    This is a wondrous dream, Sharon, so rich in imagery. Do you interpret it to apply to something specific in your life or just life in general?

    • Sharon says:

      Linda, I think this dream can be interpreted for my life in general and for specific questions I’ve been asking lately. I do tend to take alternative routes and I’ve been questioning the rational behind those decisions. I also struggle with the depth of complexity of life and how persistent that is (the crystal ceiling). Life is full of unanswered questions (mud bricks made with sulfurous water). But ultimately I don’t want the simple answers, I want truth and the only way to achieve that is through experience (taking the ancestors route over the man made road). It’s a rather esoteric interpretation of the dream, but then dreams are meant to make us dig deep.

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