The hymn of the Earth

I believe that the Earth has her own song. It is a symphony of sounds culminating in a continuous, but expressive hymn.  It’s made up of the pops and snaps of the ice sheets, the great thronging of the ocean as it beats against the Earth’s mantle, the heaving breath of volcanoes, the bellows of a million wildebeest, the trilling of a trillion cicadas, the quiet, but powerful baritones of every tree,  and of course the cacophony of sounds that come from humanities seven billion strong.  Without life on Earth the world would still hum, but it would be an expressionless thing. Imagine never hearing a bird trill outside your window on a Sunday morning. Imagine standing in the wasteland of a forest, without leaves, trunks or critters to fill the space. Imagine no tigers yowling across their expansive territories, no troops of hooting chimps,  no elephants and their rumbles, no microbes rolling the soil to make it fertile. How would it feel to stand on a barren plain and see only dust, to not feel the lives of a billion tiny creatures stirring beneath your feet?

This nightmarish scene is exactly why I created Diversity Writers Network and why I will continue to promote diversity as the treatment for a continued and healthy existence for life on Earth and for humanity. The Earth’s song is also humanities song; it’s the song of every creature no matter how great or small. We all know it, feel it, sing it. It holds our very molecules together.  Without diversity there can be no hymn. Without diversity the Earth would be a monochromatic and monotone landscape.

I have published the first edition of Diversity Writers Network Journal and would like to thank Dr Tom Bibey and Heather Conroy for both contributing to the first edition. It is a modest edition, but it will grow in the months and years to come.

Please visit the site and let me know what you think. I’d welcome comments and contributions.


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5 Responses to The hymn of the Earth

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  3. Heather Conroy says:

    Beautiful Sharon

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