Durability of the printed word

The question of the durability of books – whether they will survive the technological novelties that are galloping through our lives, whether they will be valued, and most importantly, read – has been a hot topic recently. I like to think that there is a place in our world for the codex, after all, digital music has not killed the live band. Music is as old as humanity itself, as is language. Written language has a more recent genesis and the codex more recent still. The first codices were created more than a thousand years ago. They’ve been burned, censored, plundered and modified. Each new generation has threatened the survival of entire libraries of codices, but still we create them.

I come from a family of book lovers. We’re born and bred that way. If I gave my twelve year old niece the choice between a digital book reader and a single printed book she’d choose the latter every time. Digital readers don’t look as good sitting on a shelf, nor do they feel as good in the hand. While I do believe the digital book has a place in our lives, especially for education and for the travel-conscious reader, I don’t believe it will replace the codex. I for one will not give up the book that easily.


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8 Responses to Durability of the printed word

  1. MrBarns says:

    There is obviously a lot to learn. There are some good points here.

  2. jenniferneri says:

    Yes, I read about this a lot on blogs, but I have not yet known anybody to use a Kindle or what not. Perhaps I live in a bubble, but I cannot imagine there being no more books. I think the idea a kindle is great for when I was doing my graudate work, imagine downloading all those reseach papers from IMD – would have been wonderful. But as for reading fiction, no chance for me.

  3. drtombibey says:

    Abstract though is about all that separates us from the animal kingdom, and writing is the best way to download our brain activity for other human beings to understand it later. None of us want to be forgetten, and writing gives our thoughts a touch of Earthly immortality.

    Dr. B

  4. uninvoked says:

    I love the written word, whether it is on the computer or the printed page it doesn’t matter to me. Ask me what I think about electronic readers and you will get a pretty hot opinion.

    $300 for the reader, and $10 for nothing more than a transfer of data? Are they insane? Either give the reader to me for FREE and I will pay $10 a pop until the whole thing is filled up, or make each book $0.99 so its a worthy cause.

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