A quick review of 2009

Everyone is talking about Christmas and New Year’s plans. No matter how old I get, it’s always a special time of year for my family and me. Of course, there is the ever-fun spoiling of each other with gifts and the banquet that usually follows, but Christmas for us, though we’re not religious, has always been a time to cherish that bond we have, to remember where we come from, how we got here, and to consider where we plan to go. It is a time for acknowledging the end of another cycle and for cheering in a new one.

2009 has been a particularly bumpy year, but not an unpleasant one. I have not regretted a single step I took. Creatively I’ve had a great year. I haven’t achieved publication, but I achieved much. I’ve started to develop a new confidence that I know will continue into the New Year, I’ve gone places creatively I never thought I’d go – like this blog, my website, and the ongoing novel, and I’ve stuck to every one of these projects, though at times the progress has been so slow as to be agnonising. This is my greatest success for 2009: endurance and perseverance, which is what I initially set out to do.


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4 Responses to A quick review of 2009

  1. jenniferneri says:

    “This is my greatest success for 2009: endurance and perseverance, which is what I initially set out to do. ”
    What a heart warming post!
    Happy holidays!

  2. Heather Conroy says:

    I like that you achieved what you set out to do despite a bumpy road- you are so inspiring. It has been great to meet you online this year and I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas!

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