The joys of being busy

What a week it’s been. It seems the busier I am the more determined I am to make time to write. Which is ironic, since the more time I have, the more determined I am to be busy with other things. This week I’ve managed to put in some time for Diversity Writers Network, which goes live in January 2010. I have a few pieces to publish from other writers, plus I have at least two more people working on pieces for the debut edition. My mother and fellow wordpresser Heather have both agreed to submit work for the journal. I’m chuffed at the interest my humble little journal has generated so far and it’s inspired me to do more, be more, write more. I’m also inspired by my new writing space. It seems the move has done the trick and I’m ready to go full throttle again with all my projects.

Checkout page on this blog as I’ve added a downloadable PDF of the author guidelines for anyone who is interested in submitting a piece for publication on the website.


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2 Responses to The joys of being busy

  1. vanyieck says:

    That sounds like a great project. I look forward to seeing it when its up and running.

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