Soundtracks for life

Since I was young I’ve had a musical soundtrack to my life. It is ever growing, since I find it difficult to discard any song that has had an effect on me.  This list represents who I am more than words can. Here’s my list of top ten soundtrack songs (I could easily add fifty).

  1. All you need is love, Beatles – I grew up with a mother who loved the Beatles, and then I grew up again when I met my stepfather, who also loves the Beatles. Love really is all you need. This song always reminds me of those familial ties and how much I adore the people who have been chosen to be my family.
  2. Lay my love around you, Brian Eno -I found this song on one of my many music hunting expeditions and it spoke to me. I still sing it with meaning – to my husband of course.
  3. Night Bird, Deep Forest – it is instrumental with the evocative sounds of the African Baka rainforest people. I used to fall asleep to this music every night when I was in my early twenties.
  4. Ashes to ashes, David Bowie – I first really heard this song when I was thirteen. I was on a bus with noisy teenagers, on our way home from a geography school trip. My geography teacher saw me listening and told me it was David Bowie and explained what the song had meant when it first came out. I’d always loved the sound, but at fourteen I grew to love the lyrics too, no matter how dark. I loved it because it had depth that I was craving. I guess that teacher saw that.
  5. Wish you were here, Pink Floyd – this one always makes me miss, and appreciate, the people I love.
  6. My Island home, Warumpi band. My mother introduced me to this song before she uprooted my sister and me from New Zealand and brought us home to Australia. I think it made the transition easier for us all. Whenever I hear it, it reminds me of the home of my heart.
  7. Chants d’Auvergne: Bailero, Kiri Te Kanawa. This is a song sung by a maiden to her love, a shepard who grazes his flock across a river and she cannot reach him. What fascinates me is that the words Bailero lo!, are of Auvergnan origin and are not translatable into English.
  8. Sweet thing, Van Morrison. Van Morrison, with his folksy sound, always makes me long for the one I love.
  9. Liffy Walls, The Fureys. I love the Fureys, I’m Irish and I’ve always wanted to visit the Liffey River in Dublin. I’ve done that and it was everything I’d dreamed.
  10. Clumbsy, Lazy Susan – this is a personal anthem. “Keep falling down the stairs, walking down the wrong way, you try and lead me there, I tell you it’s a long way; I fall apart at the seams, I forget my dreams, I never know what to say . . .

This list by no means represents all my favourites, but I had to narrow it down to ten otherwise this post would be huge. Do you have  soundtrack that represents you?


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7 Responses to Soundtracks for life

  1. jenniferneri says:

    I think this is one of the hardest questions I have ever thought about. My answer would change from moment to moment…

    • Hi Jennifer. I know what you mean. I guess the soundtrack is made up of those songs that you come back to repeatedly. Some of the songs from my list have been favourites since I was very young -anything from Bowie or Pink Floyd.

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  3. drtombibey says:


    As you might expect, much of mine is bluegrass, although I dig the Beatles too.

    Perhaps my favorite is ‘Hold to a Dream’ by New Grass Revival. All my life I’ve held to a dream of a life of grace and dignity, and much of the time me and the wife have pulled it off in spite of all the adversities.

    Sam Bush is still a favorite mandolin man to this day, and I plan to post about him in the AM.

    Dr. B

  4. Heather Conroy says:

    Yes Dancing Queen! Seriously! Some old favourites of mine on your list and some unfamiliar ones. I am also guided by the lyrics of the songs that I love it’s just that ABBA came along when I was at a very impressionable age.
    I love your choices and rationales -thanks for sharing them.

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