International day of tolerance

November 16 is International Day of Tolerance. The concept of tolerance has always had special meaning for me, and so, to acknowledge the importance of tolerance I set up Diversity Writers Network is a website where I hope to celebrate and promote human as well as biological diversity through story telling. It is a small contribution to the large problems we face in the 21st century and by no means do I expect to change the world, at least not in my lifetime. It is a place where writers who share my enthusiasm for diversity can submit work for publication in a serial online journal. It will be a place where writers can go for research, for networking with other writers, for the pleasure of being in the company of like-minded people.  I believe that by promoting the practice of tolerance to humanity and nature, humanity can begin the process of recovery of this precious planet and the incredible beauty it contains. I believe awareness leads to tolerance, and tolerance leads to preservation. This formula sounds simple, but it’s not. With so many people and so much at stake for nations, communities and individuals there is no easy path to preservation, there will be no utopia. But we have to start somewhere and this is where I choose to start from. Knowledge is the key to the preservation of humanity and its home.

In the future my hope is that Diversity Writers Network will challenge individuals and even communities to extend their hand to a neighbour, be they ant, human or whale. Perhaps this one small act will encourage others to pass it on.

Start changing the world by changing your behaviour and by making informed choices. Write a post on your blog today to acknowledge and celebrate International Day of Tolerance. Let others know you support this United Nations endorsed observance.

If you think you might be interested in contributing to the journal, whether it is a short story, a personal narrative, poetry or profile please email me

Check out for more information on IDT.

Also check out Bloggers Unite.


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4 Responses to International day of tolerance

  1. Hi Sharon,
    I saw your post about ending intolerance and writers participating. Would you please let me know when that gets going? Thanks verymuch.
    Pam Bickell

  2. drtombibey says:

    Sharon. Wow. I sure believe in tolerance too, and have friends from all across the board as far as nationality, religious beliefs, political ideology, or taste in music.

    About the only thing I can’t abide by is extremism and hate. I don’t understand why anyone believes they should kill people just because they have a different belief system. I just don’t get it.

    Dr. B

    • Dr B. I too struggle with the idea of killing for the sake of belief. I believe that differences are greater between communities than they are between individuals. Most of us have more in common with one another on an individual level than we do differences. We need to acknowledge the common thread and celebrate the diversity.

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