What’s simple is true

Away from the computer my life looks and feels somewhat charmed. I read, cook, garden, listen to music, renovate, take long excursions with Bruce and Ernie, our 5 month old puppy, play with friends, and mostly examine the light-filled (and sometimes the dark) crevices of life. And then I return to the computer and write about my experiences, observations and reactions. Most of the time I feel like Don Music, that character from the Muppets who bangs his head against the piano when he gets blocked in the middle of the alphabet or some well-known verse. My point is, the reality of actually sitting down to write challenges every idea we have about a writer’s life being glamorous. It requires humility, determination and most especially patience. Humility and determination I have in equal doses, but patience is something I have to work at. Each time I sit down to write I have to remind myself not only to be patient, but to be flexible and open-minded too. I have to tell myself to let go of the urgency to have written, the urgency for gratification and instead to concentrate on the enjoyment of actually writing. Each time I do sit down I entreat the powers that be to grant me enlightenment, forbearance and conclusions. This makes me think I need a personal prayer . . .


About Sharon

Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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2 Responses to What’s simple is true

  1. jenniferneri says:

    This is a really nice post, Sharon.

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