Spring downunder

Spring fever has hit hard this year. I’m not doing a lot of creative writing, but I’m not worried. Spring in Brisbane is a time to get everything done around the house before the big heat hits. I plan to spend the summer downstairs writing my novel, and not much else, but there’s a lot to do before that can happen. So this spring, hubby and I are working towards finishing the paint work on the outside of the house, cleaning gutters, preparing garden beds, renovating the bathroom and of course bibliotopia, reorganising upstairs, and various other jobs. I will also be making preserves, more jam, making herbal oil and generally pottering in the kitchen. It’s just too hot in summer to bother with that stuff, and to be honest, I’m really enjoying domesticity at the moment.

But I’m still a writer and it is never far from my mind. Even when I’m not writing I’m still planning, thinking, preparing and negotiating for the time when I will be, and taking plenty of notes. I’ve joined She Writes and have already hooked up with some Aussie writers, which pleases me no end. Plus, I’ve finally worked out how to add the subscription linky thing. For all my computer savvy I can be quite dense when it comes to internet networking. There is so much available that a writer is threatened with being overwhelmed if s/he goes too far. Right now I am overwhelmed, and impressed, by the volume and dexterity of writers on the net. I’ve been having a lot of fun reading other writers’ blogs and it seems to be there is a common thread pulling writers together. Perhaps it’s as simple as the basic human need to communicate, to be part of a community, perhaps it is the common dream of the writer that pulls us together, or maybe it’s synchronicity at work. Whatever it is, I’m glad to be a part of it.


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Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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3 Responses to Spring downunder

  1. Rinkly Rimes says:

    Welcome to blogging. I’m in Australia too. I love the title ‘Sunlit Desk’! I’m rather obsessed with my determination to write at least one poem a day. But it’s a great obsession. Visit me


  2. Heather Conroy says:

    Yes me to! You bring to mind the picture of the grasshopper getting busy preparing for the winter. Only it’s not the winter coming. So upside down in Australia. Very fitting.

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