mmm Jam . . .

I’ve spent much of the last two days on my feet cooking. Good cooking, like good writing, is an art-form. Though I am no chef I seem to have a much easier time coming up with tasty and unique dishes than I do coming up with interesting and original prose. I tend to cook by the seat of my pants – choosing ingredients based on mood and personal preference rather than from a recipe.  While I will occasionally refer to a recipe for the basic set up of a meal, I almost always end up customising it to suit mine or my husband’s taste. This kind of behaviour would have some people I know accusing me of being one of those impulsive creative types who can’t follow instructions. All true. But my creative cooking is never without purpose. I like to bend tradition, to come up with unlikely combinations of food – like mixing Persian with other international flavours – to test my own wits in the kitchen. Whenever I discover a tasty dish at a restaurant I will always try it at home, adapting it of course. I can’t always recreate the atmosphere, or the exact flavour, but the process and sometimes the result is rewarding.

So my list of accomplishments this week is: Persian paste for marinating chicken, my own version of basil pesto (using home grown ingredients) and jam. Today I made mixed berry jam (boysenberry, raspberry, strawberry and cherry) and a blackberry jam.

If I could only apply this enthusiasm to writing, that novel would be “cooked” in no time.


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6 Responses to mmm Jam . . .

  1. Heather says:

    Could it be your little bit of procrastination? Whatever it is it’s making me hungry. I stick exactly to recipes- boring I know. I love variety though and I cook everything from scratch.

    • Heather, Procrastination is a long-time companion of mine, so yes, that certainly could be it. I actually think it’s essential to the process of writing so I’m not too concerned.
      It’s admirable that you cook everything from scratch. I try to where I can.

  2. drtombibey says:

    Dang girl. You write so good it made me hungry. I gotta go get something to eat.

    Dr. B

  3. Well written endeed! I find myself in the kitchen the same way, using my memory and taste buds to sort out a pinch of this and that. As for your writting, I found this artical refreshing, full of energy, and leaving me somewhat hungry for Stuffed chicken pesto Ravioli and now fresh jam.
    I’ll check back, for I’m certain that enthusiam you seek for writting is there, it’s just being borrowed temporarily in the kitchen.:)

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