A bibliotopia

It’s spring and the best time for spending quiet moments outside. This week my husband, sister and I got to work on the “secret garden” which is to be complimentary to the library we’re working on. I like to call the library and garden Bibliotopia. The library’s garden reflects the diversity of my reading, with cultural influences from across the globe. So far I have Aztec and Mayan, Balinese and Tuscan influences. The garden has a blend of flora, from herbs to native Australian shrubs, vines and ferns.

2Bibliotopia 2Bibliotopia 3Bibliotopia 4


About Sharon

Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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4 Responses to A bibliotopia

  1. organicmel says:

    Wow we did a good job Gummers!! Can’t wait to help with the library. Enjoy bibliotopia, you deserve it.

  2. calliopespen says:

    Sharon, this is gorgeous. What a beautiful haven you’ve created. I don’t think I’d ever leave.

    • Thanks Danielle. It’s very hard to pack up to come inside after an afternoon of reading. On the first night of the garden’s completion we lit a fire in a brazier and absorbed the warmth of the garden. It does feel like a magical place.

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