Checking in

My husband set up an armchair on the front veranda for me yesterday. We’re having an early spring and it would be a shame to ignore the fresh air and that glorious sun. I sat on the veranda for about ten hours yesterday, thinking, reading, writing and thinking some more. I’m lucky to have that time to do just that. It’s been very cathartic and I intend to spend a further ten hours there today. My sister is staying with me at the moment and frequently sits with me. She’s an ex-paramedic, but also my oldest and dearest friend. My husband brings me sandwiches, tea and cuddles and my dogs are my constant shadows. I’m surrounded by loving and supporting people (and puppies) and it certainly makes this transition a more comfortable one. It hasn’t been an easy week, but it would be so much harder without my family. Their love is like a soft cushion and I feel blessed. It’s their strength that encourages my own and today the sun shines a little brighter.

I have three knew books on writing to keep me company and keep me thinking about writing:

  1. Manuscript Makeover: Revision techniques no fiction writer can afford to ignore, by Elizabeth Lyon
  2. Make a scene: crafting a powerful story one scene at a time, Jordan D Rosenfeld
  3. The Marshall plan for novel writing, by Evan Marshall

I’m impressed with them all so far. Even through times like these I’m still a writer. I’ll work on the novel any way I can. Sometimes that means just writing, sometimes it means exploring. Right now that means exploring different methods of achieving that goal and finding ways to stay motivated to write it.

I’ll share what I’ve learned soon.


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One Response to Checking in

  1. calliopespen says:

    Happy to see that you’re enjoying the comfort of friends, family, books and quiet contemplation. I’m thinking of you and waiting for that novel:)

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