I is for insomnia

I haven’t felt like saying much for a couple of weeks because my brain is in la-la land. Insomnia is hitting hard during the night, leaving me lethargic and unmotivated in the day. My body is busy growing a baby and for now that takes priority. I must be content to write in fits and starts, though I am finding that difficult to adjust to. It feels unproductive, but the more I try to motivate myself the less motivated I feel. This is only a temporary glitch and I’m sure I’ll be back on track in a couple of weeks when the hormones have settled down. For now I am retraining my brain to think like a writer and not just a crazy pregnant woman. This is a more challenging task than I had anticipated, but in this I am single-minded. If you’re in a writing rutt like me instruct yourself to write as it comes and expect creativity to return.


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2 Responses to I is for insomnia

  1. uninvoked says:

    It never even occured to me that writing might be difficult to do while pregnant.

    Let me know how it goes for you. Every detail. I want to know what I’m getting into after I marry my fiance O.O

    • Uninvoked – Don’t be concerned. Every person is different as is every pregnancy. I’ve heard others say they were more inspired to write when pregnant. My lack of motivation is mostly in my head. I am still writing, but not as much as I’m accustomed to and not what I had formally been writing – the novel. In the meantime I’m actually writing letters to my baby. I plan to have these printed up and bound for her/him so s/he will be able to read it in the future. It’s hugely rewarding. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Being pregnant is a wonderful and very special experience and I wouldn’t change a second of it. Nor would I rewind or change any of the moments I’ve been married to Bruce. Marrying him was what got me out of a long and torturous melancholy about writing. I have no doubt my lack of interest in the novel will pass soon. Besides, while my fingers rest my mind is gathering. A writer never really stops.

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