Hooray for friends

I’ve finally yielded and joined Facebook and I’m glad I did. I’ve already reestablished ties with my oldest friend from New Zealand, with whom I kept losing contact. I never worried because I knew we’d be destined to find each other again; we always do. In fact, she was the one with whom I wrote and performed the plays I wrote about in my previous post (see Writer/Director). It turns out she was thinking about me too.

I met Yvette in Primary School, we were six years old. We had our own friends, but were always friendly with each other. Then, in Intermediate (like junior high) we both ended up in the same class and immediately became best friends. We travelled in and out of this friendship through the two years at intermediate and ended up in the same home class again in high school. We stayed best mates even after I left for Australia when we were 16. We lost contact for a while, but then one day on one of my frequent return visits to New Zealand we bumped in to each other in a shopping mall. Christchurch isn’t a huge place, but it’s big enough for this to be more than a random coincidence. We hung on for a bit, but again lost contact. Next time Yvette found me and we emailed for awhile. We tried to catch up on one of my visits to NZ, but she’d just had a baby and it was difficult to find time. It was like this for several years – finding and losing and finding one another again.

Finding Yvette is like finding a piece of myself from my childhood. Each time it is hugely rewarding because as a writer I was most comfortable in her company. She dreamed of writing as much as I did and we encouraged each other to keep at it.

Despite the fact that we often lose contact, we never seem to lose each other. She is one of those people that is a permanent friend. I’m glad to have found her again, especially now when I need to remember my roots. It amazes me how two people can be thinking of one another at the same time after a couple of years and within days be in each others lives again. Hooray for friends.


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One Response to Hooray for friends

  1. drtombibey says:

    Ms Sharon,

    I’m glad you are on FaceBook. You will really enjoy it. Mine is like a giant cocktail party of all kinda artists; mostly musicans but writers too. (My wordpress blog is bit more skewed towards the writer crowd.) Send old Tom Bibey a FaceBook friend request; I’d love to keep up with you there too.

    Dr. B

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