Spark up sparky

A couple of years ago I went through an extended period of low creative output. Recently my creativity has dwindled again and though the reasons (excuses) are different, the underlying cause is the same: it all comes back to choice. I can claim I’m tired, yet I know some of my best work was produced at 4 am when my eyelids felt lead-weighted. I can blame many things, but ultimately they are the excuses of a weak mind. When I ask myself if this is the way I want to be, the answer is always no. Every time a writer sits down to write, s/he makes a choice to do it, yet when it comes to not writing – when we have “writer’s block” – we claim it is beyond our control. This is an unhealthy attitude and only breeds frustration. Writer’s block, if it exists, is a choice and complaining about low creative output is unacceptable if you want to build a future in the creative arts. Some days/weeks it will be hard to write and to maintain that standard you have set for yourself. Accept those hard days, but never expect them to last. Expect creativity.

Today I have taught myself a valuable lesson, now I have to follow-through on my choice. My sister used to say “spark up sparky” whenever I was down or non-responsive. It was short hand for snap out of it, honey, there’s too much to do and live for to feel bad. Smile and the rest will come. It always worked, so today, in the tradition of my sister I’m going to give myself the spark-up-sparky treatment and smile while I wait for the rest. Sometimes it is that easy.


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3 Responses to Spark up sparky

  1. jenniferneri says:

    ahhh. can I be devil’s advocate? the tired you are feeling is new. indulge in it, but only to point of feeling good about oneself…

  2. drtombibey says:

    When I was young I was told I had the gift of reading books, but even more so in the application of what I read to help people. Sometimes I’d get tired, but after a short spell I realized God had given me a gift and I had to keep going.

    You have been given the gift too; the gift of being a writer. You are human and will get tired and have to rest at times, but when you’ve recharged your batteries my guess is you will be compelled to write again.

    Just like some of my friends who have to play music, you write too well to give it up.

    Dr. B

    It might be a curse more than a blessing at ttimes, but what can we do but press on?

    Dr. B

    • Hi Dr B, nice to hear from you
      Writing is a part of my anatomy, just as your mandolin is a part of you. Giving it up would be as effective as deciding to give up my left arm because it’s not as dexterous as the right. I just can’t/won’t do it. A friend of mine had a saying: “this too shall pass”. Sometimes the pressure gets to us, but it will pass. There’s nothing for it but to press on, as you say.

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