Cabin fever

I have production phases and absorption phases. I’ve been in a heavy production phase since April, but recently I’ve noticed some slippage. At first I thought it was disinterest, but the more I stare out at the world framed by my study window, the more I realise it’s just a new phase: the absorption phase. I want to get out and play for awhile, breathe in some fresh air, gather some inspiration and have fresh experiences. Writer’s are collectors as much as we are purveyor’s of the word, but a writer cannot observe the world from his/her chair alone. We have to walk among the pidgins, get sunburned, feel the cold wind on our faces, take train rides and ponder the significance of a ten foot brick wall. We have to keep the creative stores stocked and the only way to do that is to interact with the world. What do you do during your absorption phases?


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3 Responses to Cabin fever

  1. jenniferneri says:

    I walk.
    Being with friends and family. Anything outdoors.

  2. drtombibey says:

    Float in an inner tube until near sunburned, eat watermelon on a boat dock, cook on the grill and play a bit of music with my wife.

    Read Mark Twain and pretend I’m Huck Finn, draw pictures and try to paint, and play more music.

    Hit a bucket of golf balls and tell my boy Arnold Palmer (or Greg Norman in Australia) couldn’t do better, and have him smile and agree. Say a prayer for my favorite patients who have a dreadful illness and play some more some more mandolin.

    Even though I’m near old, act like me and the wife are young and still believe in dreams.

    Dr. B

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