Monday comes around

Time for the weekly check-in.

Week beginning 29 June, 2009. This weeks theme: writing rules

  1. Finish reading A thousand splendid sun
  2. Write about anatomy of a novel – About a quarter finished
  3. Work on Diary of magnificent things
  4. Find/join discussion group for bioanthropology – I’ve already started the ball rolling on this one. So excited!
  5. Post on writing rules
  6. Read The power of place – still reading this series of essays.
  7. Post two writing prompts/exercises
  8. Keep writing readers journal
  9. Take camera out for photography session
  10. Remember why you’re doing this
  11. Imagery in creative writing – started writing

Number of words on novel: 182 (The shame)

Number of words on blog: 4596 (Clearly I need to prioritise)


About Sharon

Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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