100 thank yous

On June 30 in 1908, the Tunguska event  happened in Siberia, and on the same day in 1990 East and West Germany’s economies became one. And on June 30, 2009 I’m posting my 100th post. Admittedly this is nowhere near the calibre of the Tunguska event or West and East Germany merging, but it is a proud moment for me. I’m still a baby in the grand scheme of blogging, but I’ve managed to stay with it and surpassed my own expectations of having a blog.  It’s been rewarding and stimulating and I plan to keep going for as long as my fingers can do the typing. Now here’s a challenge for myself to celebrate this wee achievement: One hundred thank yous:

  1. Thank you my gorgeous husband for too many the reasons to name here, but you know
  2. Thank you mum for loving me the way you do, for being you
  3. Thank you sister Gummers for being the amazing soul you are
  4. Thank you big brother for being the best big brother there is
  5. Thank you Swami Guru Sam for restoring my faith in men (twice)
  6. Thank you John and Paul for All you need is love
  7. Thank you Graeme Early and Mrs Clark for telling me to keep writing
  8. Thank you Mr Howitt for telling me I was someone special
  9. Thank you Wadsworth for soggy tennis balls and sleeping by my side when I was alone and frightened
  10. Thank you Hercules for softening my heart
  11. Thank you Rizo for being the funniest little dog there is
  12. Thank you fairy tales for Jack and the bean stalk and Rapunzel
  13. Thank you Dandenong Ranges for two of the best days of my life (on honeymoon with aforementioned gorgeous husband)
  14. Thank you stars for giving light to those dark nights
  15. Thank you Voice Squad for A Fond Kiss
  16. Thank you moon for regulating tides, reproductive cycles and reflecting the sun’s light
  17. Thank you Galileo for modern science
  18. Thank you Marie Brennan of Clannad for a singing voice that touches souls
  19. Thank you Stephen Jay Gould for  aWonderful Life
  20. Thank you James and Sarah Hagan for coming to Australia in 1836
  21. Thank you feet for carrying me across the globe to find myself in other places
  22. Thank you Stacey Vaux for M&Ms on the fort and giggles about boys
  23. Thank you Jim Henson for Kermit and Miss Piggy, triangles and the letter L
  24. Thank you Nigel for teaching me how to tend the garden
  25. Thank you Molly for living long enough for me to remember your laugh, scent and the pleasure of being near you
  26. Thank you Bruce Springsteen for Dancing in the dark
  27. Thank you books for making a reader out of me
  28. Thank you Victorian women travelers for paving the way
  29. Thank you Mary Wollstonecraft for publishing the first feminist treatise
  30. Thank you Sir David Attenborough for showing us the world
  31. Thank you if you’re still reading this
  32. Thank you Peter Gabriel for Mercy Street
  33. Thank you to the makers of Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas
  34. Thank you Jorge Luis Borges
  35. Thank you cultural diversity
  36. Thank you biological diversity
  37. Thank you to that little crook in the bough of the weeping willow where my sister and I made our home
  38. Thank you daisy chains
  39. Thank you handstands
  40. Thank you spinning until we drop
  41. Thank you anyone who can play a musical instrument
  42. Thank you mum for letting me graze my knees and play in the dirt
  43. Thank you brother for mowing that maze in the long grass for sister and me
  44. Thank you husband for knowing which flowers I like
  45. Thank you husband for trusting me to hear you sing, even if you think you can’t
  46. Thank you birds for nesting in our trees
  47. Thank you sea for sounds, smells and experiences
  48. Thank you butterflies
  49. Thank you Earth and sun for sunrises and sunsets
  50. Thank you Ocean for hiding your secrets
  51. Thank you synchronicity
  52. Thank you Lake Lazurne
  53. Thank you James Holman for “seeing” the world
  54. Thank you to the builders of Newgrange
  55. Thank you to the builders of Machu Picchu
  56. Thank you to the Sun for singing
  57. Thank you Hubble telescope for showing us the universe
  58. Thank you rainbows
  59. Thank you conservationists for doing your best to preserve diversity
  60. Thank you farmers for broccoli
  61. Thank you to the South and Central Americans for chocolate and chili
  62. Thank you to the makers of Carnac
  63. Thank you to the makers of Pajamas and bed socks
  64. Thank you snow
  65. Thank you sunshine
  66. Thank you rain
  67. Thank you to the ancients who learned to write
  68. Thank you to the first people who made the first musical instruments
  69. Thank you to my Irish ancestors
  70. Thank you random mutations for my red hair
  71. Thank you to writer’s communities and organisations
  72. Thank you husband for making my tea before you go to work
  73. Thank you dancers
  74. Thank you mum for the green velvet dress I wore to a friends birthday party (I still have it)
  75. Thank you bees for pollinating flowers so we can have more flowers
  76. Thank you beach for sandcastles and soft landings
  77. Thank you pine forest for being a little girl’s playground
  78. Thank you Mrs Green for teaching me read
  79. Thank you Mr Crampton for being my favourite teacher and for sharing your birthday with only me because it was on the same day as mine
  80. Thank you UJ for my first bagel with cream cheese
  81. Thank you to The Furey’s for The Liffy Wall and The Grand Affair
  82. Thank you Mount Kilimanjaro
  83. Thank you synesthesia for allowing me to hear colour and taste music
  84. Thank you to the ancients for cave paintings and bone flutes
  85. Thank you to the Khoisan man who said that “God-Almighty has made it so good” on seeing the Atlantic ocean for the first time (I saw this in a documentary, whose title escapes me now)
  86. Thank you Yvette for being a weirdo with me through most of our high school years
  87. Thank you Earth for bursting with life
  88. Thank you to that whale I spotted from inside the Boeing 747
  89. Thank you to the wild wombat whose backside was the only thing I saw retreating up the hill
  90. Thank you to the wild coyote I saw in a cemetery in Connecticut – a common sight for locals, but a once in a lifetime thing for a girl from downunder
  91. Thank you to the Great Ocean Road
  92. Thank you ferns and moss and lichen
  93. Thank you peace
  94. Thank you to Arthur Stace who wrote the word eternity, his “one word sermon”, on Sydney’s footpaths for over thirty five years
  95. Thank you possibilities
  96. Thank you hope for humanity
  97. Thank you to anyone who has ever put their own needs aside for another
  98. Thank you world for making this easy
  99. Thank you to anyone who has read my blog
  100. Thank you for reading to the end

What would your own thank you list include?


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Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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8 Responses to 100 thank yous

  1. Wow, what a blogsite. I am awed at such depth and insight.
    Go girl!


  2. vanyieck says:

    That’s a significant accomplishment. I hope you keep going.

  3. Congrats on reaching post #100!

  4. drtombibey says:

    And thank you Ms. Sharon for downloading thoughts to print in hopes some Australian sunlight might make days brighter for folks in other parts of the world.

    Dr. B

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