Wow, it’s Monday already

Last week zoomed by, but I was in no hurry to anything but read. However, I did achieve some very important goals. I made a decision about university, I finished two books and started two more, I started a reader’s journal to help me with the biblipedia blog, but mostly I rested my brain and it felt good.

Week beginning 22 June, 2009. This weeks theme: seeing it through

  1. Make a decision about uni
  2. Read finished “You are here”
  3. Write
  4. Read – finished The Red Tent
  5. Post to blog every day. I think I managed this one
  6. Work on novel – I worked on the novel in my head, but committed nothing to paper this week. I needed a break
  7. Post two writing prompts/exercise
  8. Write – I wrote in my journal mostly, but it’s still writing
  9. Read – started reading A thousand splendid suns
  10. Post word of the day
  11. Write about the studio

About Sharon

Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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2 Responses to Wow, it’s Monday already

  1. quietmusician says:

    Hello. I’m glad that you were able to prioritize and get things done this week. Unlike you, this was my procrastination week. I find your blog very informational. I’m also into writing and trying to get different elements together so everything makes sense. Exhausting as I’m sure you may know. But I’ll be checking in for updates. Good luck with your novel.

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