The have-tos of career making

I am a worrier. Today I have a new conundrum – I have to make a decision about whether to continue my Master of Arts degree in Professional writing or abandon it for hedonism. There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t choose the degree: I didn’t enjoy the first units all that much, even though I managed to get a publication out of one of them; it’s become riotously expensive and even though I can defer payment, I don’t need more debt; I have so many projects as it is, both creative and domestic; I’m really enjoying my time these days, and most importantly the past 12 months have been focused mostly on getting well again – I don’t want to compromise that by getting stressed. But the weight of that one reason why I should go threatens to tip the balance. That one reason is edification. I want to write. I want to write well and there’s still so much to learn. One of my goals is to become a writing coach and for that I need qualifications and experience. There is a third alternative – find a better degree.


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7 Responses to The have-tos of career making

  1. Karen says:

    I have toyed with pursuing a post grad degree of some sort in creative writing (started my M. Ed but stopped when the twins arrived) but then I decided I only had limited time to write. If I spent all my time writing for assignments, then I wouldn’t have time to write the things I want to write! For me it was a toss up between writing about writing and simply writing. I chose to simply write and trust that I will learn enough as I go for it to work. I also decided I can study in the future when my kids aren’t quite so little. I don’t have to do it all at once. I would love to do my PhD in some aspect of picture books one day… Good luck deciding!!

    • Karen,
      Thanks. At one point I was going to switch to a doctorate in creative arts where the main project is a novel with an accompanying exegesis – I was actually preparing my current novel for it when I decided that the novel would be better written in passion rather than out of necessity. I am leaning towards the big “no” regarding university – it’s mostly my ego that will suffer rather than any real career opportunities. Thankfully university is something we can return to.

  2. calliopespen says:

    Since you are undecided, is it possible to just take a break for a semester or two, and then return? I took a semester off when I was in college, and found my passion was reignited. I couldn’t wait to return. Just a thought:)

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’ve taken as much time off as I can from this particular degree due to health reasons. If I don’t go back this semester I have to drop out and lose my place. Sadly my passion for this degree has not been reignited by absence, but I’m not sure if it’s the degree itself or the prospect of studying again that has my hackles up.

      • calliopespen says:

        Hmmm…well, if the degree is necessary to do what you want to do, then maybe you should just go ahead and do it. You can always decide to stop, but it seems in your situation once you make the decision to stop you can’t decide to keep going later.
        Definitely a tough one–good luck:)

  3. sandysays1 says:

    Something to consider. A friend asked her father for advice when she was in a quandry over her choice of a career. The girl listed all the advantages of both, including pros and cons. She spoke to him for some time before she finally asked, “Do you have any advice for me?” He looked at her for several seconds before wading up her carefully thought out lists. “Yes I do,” he said. “Neither one. To be successful at any endeavor, you must be passionate about it. Obviously these two don’t consume you. Find one that does.”

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