Oh dear: It’s Monday again

In following one of my own writing commandments this week (have the good sense to know when not to write) I’ve broken two of the others: I didn’t write everyday and I engaged in self flagellation for not writing. I have done very well with commandment number 8: read daily.

Not a very good week for tasks though:

Week beginning 15 June, 2009. This weeks Theme: What you know

  1. Write about music
  2. Chapter one of The diary of magnificent things – though I haven’t started chapter one, I have been writing -mainly notes on my mobile phone
  3. Read a book – any book, just get on with the reading list. Read Everything is illuminated (Jonathan Safran Foer) and Celebrated women travellers of the 19th century.
  4. Voice
  5. Mind mapping part 2
  6. Write what you know: what does it mean?
  7. Post two writing prompts/exercises – I posted one
  8. Now for something different – can’t even remember what this one was about
  9. Genre
  10. Get involved
  11. Stating the obvious

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3 Responses to Oh dear: It’s Monday again

  1. uninvoked says:

    I should say, I don’t get writer’s block because my mind instinctively knows that even if it pulls an “I don’t wanna!” stunt I will wrestle something from my fingers. If I’m stuck, I just talk about my writing objectively:

    “I am having trouble writing chapter 15. Amy is supposed to get lost in the woods with Bernard and have a screaming match with him over a dead fire in the pouring rain and I just can’t see it.”

    Even if I get nothing else out of it, I have that done.

    • Hi there, uninvoked,
      I don’t get writer’s block, I get lazy. This week has been a week of slacking off. It’s more about motivation than lack of inspiration. I also write about the writing process to get myself motivated. Most of the time it works.

  2. uninvoked says:

    I don’t write every day, but I write so frequently that I don’t have to worry about not being able to write. I don’t get writer’s block.

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