The power of a good book

Last night I managed to sit down and read Everything is illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer straight through without returning to the computer as I thought I would. It wasn’t because I couldn’t put it down, rather it was that I’d made a commitment to finish this one last night. I read without stopping to jot notes down – nothing felt important enough for me to record. After finishing Foer’s book at around 11 pm I picked up The Power of Place and human environments by James Swan. Two minutes into reading the first essay I had a spark of an idea for my novel, an idea that could potentially solve my recent dilemma of not knowing who the main character was.  That is the power of a good book. I did not dash off to record my thoughts because I was certain this idea would hold, and it has. Today while I was book browsing in Borders (embracing my inner bibliophile by carrying around a bundle of books to return home with) I had several sparks and recorded them in my phone. That’s the power of technology. Now as I sit here, a proud pile of new books at my side, I am torn between diving into them tonight and writing what is currently in my head. Pace yourself, girl, pace yourself . . .


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