A dog pile

Reading days? More like sleeping days. Here’s what happened: My husband and I made a little nest for ourselves out in the back yard with a camping mattress and giant pillows. We settled in for what I thought would be a productive reading session. About two paragraphs in my dog Hercules and his pet, Rizo crept in between hubby and me and soon we had a heaving mass of sleeping bodies – a dog pile (see picture below of my two tough guys caught in an embrace – my husband is 6’7″ and his companion is a burly Rhodesian ridge-back x with rottweiler). Fortunately I’d set the timer on my phone to remind that baking time was up – I have red hair and fair skin so I have a kind of awkward relationship with the sun: it’s necessary for me to exist but too much exposure causes irritation. After our glorious little nap we stumbled upstairs where I thought about writing but ended up on the sofa in the library intending to get into that book like I planned. Ten minutes later I was asleep and dreaming of Vulcan mind-melding (I watched Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan last night – I have a very impressionable imagination). So as of tonight I’ve read two paragraphs and written very little, but I’ve had a wonderful day regardless.

Boofhead and boss-man

Boofhead and boss-man


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