Writing prompt: the icehouse

The Icehouse

The "icehouse" at Newgrange, Ireland

The building in the image (left) is known as the icehouse. It is a relic, but not nearly as old as its companion structure, the passage grave known as Newgrange, in County Meath, Ireland. Without doing any research on the history of the building, free-write for ten minutes about the people who built the structure, what it was used for and why they built it beside Newgrange, which is over 5000 years old. Accuracy is not important for this exercise, you can set it at any time and give it any purpose. Enjoy.


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3 Responses to Writing prompt: the icehouse

  1. drtombibey says:

    Ms. Sharon,

    I’m not even remotely a poet, but this looks like the kind of place we’d had as a hideout when I was a boy.

    The Icehouse

    The icehouse was our refuge
    From the summer sun
    For sunburnt barefoot Irish boys
    Who loved to play and run

    If the world had problems
    As kids we’d never know
    But if we had I’m certain
    That’d be where we’d go

    Dr. B

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