It’s Monday again

Time for the weekly task update. How’d I do?

Tasks for week beginning 1 June, 2009 – New week, new month, new start

  1. Stop procrastinating – priority -I am happy to announce that despite the lack of cross-offs on the list I have stopped procrastinating
  2. Get on with that outline – I am getting on with it
  3. Character profiles – get them out of your head and onto paper. I have started the profiles and have made some progress with characters
  4. Finish reading The Secret Scripture – thank God that’s over
  5. Get on with Trickster makes this world, by Sebastian Barry. Oops
  6. Write about follow throughI followed through on this one
  7. Post at least two writing prompts/exercises – done
  8. Write about organising and filing for writers – okay so it wasn’t exactly helpful, more like a confessional, but it’s done
  9. Photoshop tutorials – no time
  10. Practice mandolin – it’s still hanging on the wall in the library. Needs tuning
  11. Write about mind-mapping – oops

Verdict: A better week than last week, but I need to work on goal-setting and keeping up with them.

This weeks goals


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2 Responses to It’s Monday again

  1. Ms. Sharon,

    You are doing great! Organized to the max.

    For your mandolin tip for the week, consider one of the little electronic tuners. They are about 25.00. (U.S. dollars.)

    I remember the days of tuning forks. These new little electronic gizmos are the ticket; much, much easier. With all the time you save you can write more!

    Also check out the Mandolin Cafe web site. It is U.S. based, but global in reach.

    Dr. B

    • Dr B.

      Thanks for the encouragement once again. I just found my electronic tuner this morning – it’s been hiding in the library for a few weeks. I learned how to tune by ear a few years ago, but it’s so time consuming and frankly quite hard if you don’t have a good ear for it – I like to think I do, but I really don’t. I’ll pop over to the mandolin cafe for sure.

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