Queen of fiascoes

I’ve been trying to think of the best way to write this post all week. As part of my weekly tasks, I set myself an assignment: write about organising and filing for writers. Let me start by saying I am the worst administrator I’ve ever worked with. I’m a micro-manager, yet my writing life always feels cluttered; I’m an obsessive pigeon-holer, yet my cataloguing system is inconsistent and often confusing, and I have this persistent, but eroneous belief that I am a good at multi-tasking. I am the duchess of starting things, countess of good intentions, the queen of fiascoes. My filing system is like a subconscious reverie – mystifying, comical, a little upsetting, yet somehow it makes sense. The truth of the matter is that while my filing system is not optimal and would probably leave others scratching their heads saying “what the . . .?” it works for me and I’m really quite comfortable with it. I could sit here and write 101 tips for keeping yourself organised as a writer, but it would be a delusion. Secretarial skill is the least important attribute as a writer to me. It’s about as essential as wearing pantaloons at the keyboard. Undoubtedly there will be many who would argue that orderliness is a writer’s best friend, and for some that might hold true. I have three rules when it comes to organisation:

  1. Find a system that works and get to writing,
  2. maintain the system and keep writing, and
  3. do housekeeping when necessary then get back to writing

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One Response to Queen of fiascoes

  1. My wife is always asking where the CDs are.

    “Have you seen ‘Docabilly?” she’ll ask.

    “Oh, it’s in the changer in the car.”

    “How ’bout NewGrass?”

    “Loaned it out to Tommy. No wait, he sent it to Miss Marie.”

    I’m the same way at the office. Someone will ask about some specialist, and I’ll say, “Look in Mrs Jones’ chart. She saw him after her heart attack in ’04.”

    I’m bad not to organize, but I don’t forget my people.

    Dr. B

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