What do you think?

I recently read that “real writers” don’t blog or write web content, that in fact the only “real writers” are print writers. Do you agree or disagree?


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7 Responses to What do you think?

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  2. I write. I also play music. I know some folks who sing and aren’t all that great, but they love it and it sooths their soul. They are a better human for the effort, and that makes them a singer to me.

    If writing helps a person figure out how to deal with a crazy world and still live a life of grace and dignity, I think that makes them a writer. Whether they carve it in a tree like Daniel Boone, are on the New York Times best seller list, or write a blog matters not to me.


    • Beautifully said, Dr B. You make a good point about singers applies equally to any kind of artist – musician, painter, actor, cartoonist etc. My philosophy has always been do what makes your heart sing.

  3. Debbi says:

    Most people who believe that haven’t caught up to the real world. I read recently that the first question those who hire journalism graduates ask is “Where’s your blog?” If the graduate doesn’t have a blog, they are not considered a real writer these days.

    • Hi Debbi
      Thanks for your thoughts. Interesting bit of info there and proof of the value of blogs. Having a blog shows that writers are committed to their craft and willing to share. It acts as a portfolio. Ultimately its the words that count, not the medium.

  4. kaefka says:

    Naturally disagree or else I wouldn’t be responding. Another attempt by snooty people to set themselves apart from the rest.

    How about this, real writers are those who have suffered, anybody else is a hack. Sure, we feel proud of our own suffering; but the fact that we have suffered and are writers shows only correlation but not causation.

    Theres this kind of snobbiness all over the world and it’ll never disappears, both good and bad.

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