It’s Monday

Last week I posted a page titled This week where I can add weekly task lists for myself and cross them off as I go. Here’s the list and how I did:

Tasks for week beginning Monday 25 May, 2009

  1. Write about fear of failure
  2. Write a post about fossil find “Aunt Ida”
  3. Write about character development
  4. Write about organising and filing for writers – I tried to write about organisation, but it sounded so contrived coming on account of the fact that, while I am a compulsive organiser, I’m not a very good one. Nevertheless, I’m not one to give in, so this is added to this weeks task list
  5. Write about the art of avoidance
  6. Stop procrastinating – unsuccessful, I procrastinated too much. Add this to this weeks list
  7. Get back to that outline I’ve been hating so muchI got back to it but it’s not complete
  8. Post at least two writing prompts/exercises – I did one writing prompt so this one is half done
  9. Write about follow through – I did not follow through
  10. Finish reading The Secret Scripture, by Sebastian Barry – I’ve done no reading this week. Shame
  11. Try and finish Trickster makes this world, by Lewis Hyde – Ibid

Five out of eleven is a start, but I think I can do better than that. The new list is posted on This week


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