Getting into character – about the book

If you want to create three dimensional characters you need to read Getting into character: seven secrets a novelist can learn from actors, by Brandilyn Collins. I’ve used this book as a reference for a couple of years now and I find it invaluable. Collins has cleverly adapted seven techniques attributed to Russian actor Constantin Stanislavsky for novelists. The seven “secrets” discussed in the book are personalising, action objectives, subtexting, colouring passions, inner rhythm, restraint and control and emotion memory. Throughout the book Collins draws parallels between writers and actors, something I have often done myself. I routinely watch Inside the Actors Studio for this very reason. As Collins says writers and actors must be “ardent students of human nature”. We must observe.


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  1. Sharon, I’m delighted to hear that Getting Into Character has been helpful to you. Thanks for the online review. Blessings,

    ~ Brandilyn

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