Take a look inside my brain

My thoughts are like dewdrops – billions of colourful dewdrops that get together to form a murky ocean. When this happens it’s impossible to define a single dewdrop and searching for them can only hold my attention for so long. Writing helps me define those dewdrops, but I can’t write quick enough to keep up with my brain and and I struggle to try to understand where all this . . . stuff comes from. This morning I woke up from an odd dream thinking about how the subconscious works – or doesn’t work? Here’s the dream:

I’m on a deserted island with at least 15 others. We’ve split ourselves into two groups, one group has about 5 people (group 1) and has separated from the remaining 10 (group 2), who despite mutual animosity have decided that staying together will give them the best chance of survival. I’m in group 2. But tension has broken out between and within the two teams. Camps are frequently raided for supplies and members are threatening to desert. Up until this point the dream has been easy to follow. Now a girl from team 1 shows up with a car (??) as an offering of solidarity. The rest of the team is immediately suspicious of her and wants to turn her away. I try to defend her and take a group of the most dominant men away to discuss the conditions under which they will allow her to remain with us. The men argue that she recently stole a fork from the camp and so should not be trusted. I remind them that she brought back the fork and has also brought a car with her to show how serious she is. I’m scratching something in the dirt as we argue about the girl. When I look up one of the men is stroking tentacles that have grown on his beard (like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean). Apparently living on an island turns men into squids. He says he’s gotten used to his new look and asks me what I think. The man beside him is also sporting an unusual beard, with waving tentacles. It occurs to me that all of the men now have squid faces. I’m not repulsed at all by them and find the whole thing quite intriguing. I woke up having not resolved the issue of the girl staying.

That is what my brain does while my body and consciousness rest. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer and have always felt there is some connection between this and creativity. I’m not sure what the connection is or even how to explain it, but every time I have a dream like this I’m inundated with new ideas. I can’t wait to see what comes out tomorrow.


About Sharon

Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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4 Responses to Take a look inside my brain

  1. calliopespen says:

    Hmmm…you must be a writer to have that kind of imagination 😉

  2. calliopespen says:

    WOW–that is some dream you had! Laughing about the man-squids! Were these people that you know, or complete mental strangers? Were you watching Survivor just prior to sleeping???

  3. vanyieck says:

    That’s awesome. I very rarely remember my dreams.

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