Creativity training

We are born with the components for creativity, but just like learning to walk, talk and read, children (and adults) learn to use their imagination. Children learn to be imaginative through visualisation, play-acting, exploration and by using their natural curiosity. As adults we sometimes write these games off as trivial or even inappropriate, but there is real value in this kind of play, especially when it comes to the getting of ideas. To train your brain, start thinking like a kid: 

For example, you could

  • ask “what if”
  • daydream
  • be attentive to unusual connections
  • ignore preconceptions
  • forget logic
  • forget you know anything
  • write it as it comes out
  • play because it’s fun, not because you have something to gain

This is only one technique out of many to train your creative self. It’s a good technique and it’s always worked for me, but ultimately the best advice I have to train your imagination to spit out ideas is to just write – write anything and do it often.


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Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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