What’s Photoshop got to do with it?

I’ve said this before, I’m no cognoscenti when it comes to software. I’m a bit of a straggler and when I find a program I like I’m frustratingly loyal. But I’m prepared to make an exception for Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is hardly a new program, but for me it is a newfangled toy. Before Photoshop my photographs were unexceptional, after Photoshop they’re still not very exceptional, but I’ve had so much fun playing around trying to make ordinary photo’s speak. It has occured to me today that having this alternative outlet for creativity has opened up a new fervour for making stuff up. Photoshop provides me with another medium in which to tell stories. The danger now is that I have so many ideas for “photo stories” that my writing time might be threatened by “Photoshopping”.


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