How to avoid writing

Having just set up a page for weekly writing goals it seems appropriate that I should now write about the art of avoidance. Writers don’t have a monopoly on avoidance, but we do excel at it. At least I do. When the writing process gets tough my resolve takes a hike and I allow myself to become preoccupied with other things, like the dogs, or the fact that I have diabetes. The latter provides a wealth of evasion tactics, too weary being the most popular excuse. In fact, I caught myself engaging in it this morning after a baby bout of insomnia last night.

Here are ten clever ways to practice the art of avoidance without having to admit to it:

  1. Write a list of creative writing goals and spend too much time editing it
  2. Take another coffee break
  3. Make a sandwich
  4. Look everything up, including how to spell avoidance
  5. Spend too much time researching for your project
  6. Spend several hours working out the perfect playlist to accompany your creative burst that will happen any moment now
  7. Search the internet for original character names – the meaning of the name is important, isn’t it?
  8. Reread your work over and over before it’s even finished
  9. The dog is upset, better see what the matter is
  10. And my personal favourite: stare out the window until you go cross-eyed

There are many more ways to avoid writing, but these are the ones I employ most. How about you?

The thing all writers do best is find ways to avoid writing. Alan Dean Foster


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