A simple idea test

For me finding ideas for stories is the easy part: I observe, read, play with scenarios, record random thoughts, explore themes, interview characters. Mostly I daydream. Eventually the moment comes when playtime is over; it’s time to pick an idea to write about. At this point I could subject my idea to a quiz as some writers do, scoring the characters, conflict and plot points to test its merit, or I could write one or two chapters to see how they feel. I do neither. Instead I choose my ideas based on one simple principle: I can’t let it go. I write about the ones that haunt me for weeks, months or sometimes years. I write about the most persistent characters, the themes that resonate and the scenarios that recur in my daydreams. It’s a simple formula: if you can’t forget about it, write about it.


About Sharon

Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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3 Responses to A simple idea test

  1. I like this. If you can’t forget about it, write about it. Simple, but I’ll bet it works!
    But what about those who have to come with something to write every day? Any ideas for them

  2. I am the same way. I have to write it down, because I am afraid I’ll get old some day and forget it, and I think it needs to remembered past my time.

    Dr. B

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