Ready to write: warm-up exercises

You’ve got your writing tools, your hot cuppa, your idea and you think you’re ready to go. Your fingers hover over the keyboard, or over a blank page with your favourite pen and . . .  nothing. Sometimes it’s hard to get going no matter how much you want to write that story or article. Don’t panic, you don’t have writer’s block, you just need to limber up. To get yourself motivated try a few warm-up exercises. You could try free-writing for ten minutes or try this:

If you plan on writing first thing in the morning, keep a notebook beside the bed and either record your first thoughts as soon as you wake, or better, keep a dream journal.

It sounds odd, but it works. I used to keep a dream journal which I wrote in religiously every morning. Before dressing or making my obligatory pot of tea, I sat down and recorded my dreams with as much detail as possible. If I had trouble remembering all the details I improvised. This exercise helped get me in the mood and focused my energy on creativeness. As a result my writing was more intuitive and I was able to remember dreams in even more detail as the months passed, which in turn fed my muse.


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2 Responses to Ready to write: warm-up exercises

  1. newtowritinggirl says:


    I’m (trying to) write a dream diary. I find it very hard to remember to do before I forget my dreams – which is very quickly. I had read before that the more you write them down the more you remember them so must try harder with that one!

    I started it because I thought I might get ideas for stories etc in my dreams and had never thought about using it as an exercise for making my writing more detailed. Thanks for the idea!

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