Free-writing exercise #3

Spin the globe

This game is designed to test your imagination rather than your memory or knowledge of geography. You’ll need a world globe or flat political map of the world. Spin the globe, close  your eyes and place your index finger gently on the globe (for a flat map you might need to throw paper darts at it). Now write for ten minutes about the place your finger (or paper dart) has landed. Resist the urge to redraw, even if you’ve landed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – heaps of stuff still happens there. Think about what might be happening in that spot right now. Who is there? What are they doing? Keep going until the time is up.

Alternatively you could write for ten minutes about a completely imaginary nation/kingdom. Name your kingdom, draw a map, describe the national costume etc.

The aim with these free-writing prompts is to exercise your imagination, not to see how clever you are or how beautifully you write. Let your imagination romp for awhile and you’ll find that you’ll soon be harnessing its power.

Guidelines for free-writing


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