Writing props

On my desk I keep an antique style world globe complete with raised relief for a more tactile experience, an eight inch statuette of the American Bigfoot, a stamp pad with three dancing (female) Kokopelli’s, my brick of a dictionary, a small white board and markers, a tape measure and way too many pens. I haven’t got room for much else since I like either side of the keyboard to be free of clutter. But what I have function essentially as writing props. I have always been aware of my props, but recently I became aware that I also like rituals. For instance, I tend to write in my pajamas (comfort being essential when you’re sitting at desk for hours on end), I start every session with a fresh pot of Twinings Afternoon Tea, sipping from a Japanese tea cup, and I usually have a playlist picked out on ITunes before I begin typing. If I really think about it I can probably come up with half a dozen other rituals I subconsciously perform before settling in – like the fact that I sit on a blanket on the chair and refold it every time I sit down for a new session. It’s not that I can’t write without these rituals and props, rather it’s a routine to prepare my body and mind for work. Or maybe it’s just delay tactics? I’m sticking with preparation.

I’m interested to know what other writer’s do. Do you have writing props or rituals?


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2 Responses to Writing props

  1. vanyieck says:

    I like listening to Franz Shubert. Occasionally Tchaikovsky. I also write everything first with a fountain pen in a writing journal. I find the tactile experience of writing very soothing. Oh, and I drink a lot of coffee.

    • I admire you for being able to write everything freehand. I’ve always been a typer because my handwriting is awful and I can’t keep up with my own thoughts, but recently I took up the pen again and I’m beginning to see what you mean.

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