The best drug is creation

Yesterday I watched comedian/actor Robin Williams on Inside the Actor’s Studio. I love this series; many of the guest’s comments about the creative process of acting apply equally to other performers, like writers, especially the improv actors like Williams. Anyway, Wlliams commented that the best drug is the act of creation. He was talking about the invention and construction of original material, whether it is a comic riff or a 25 chapter novel. His statement stayed with me the rest of the day and I realised that he is right. Creating is a drug. The gratification a performer gets from conjuring his/her art directly from the imagination is a prize we will never stop chasing. The joy of writing is in the process itself, but there is a deeper satisfaction that comes at the end, when it’s finished; this for me comes long after the manditory period of kvetching and stressing about the substance of the piece. But it does come and that, among other reasons, is why I create.


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