First story

Ok, here it is, the cover of my very first book (I was 6). My drawing abilities haven’t improved any, but I hope my writing and originality has. It’s always fun to return to this little gem to remember what I loved about writing – making stuff up.

Billy and the bean stalk by 6 y/o

Billy and the bean by 6 y/o


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2 Responses to First story

  1. Isn’t it weird to look back at yourself through your little creations? My first stories had only minor significance when I first wrote them. Now they’re gems I’d never part with.

  2. vanyieck says:

    I hear you. Not too long ago my mom found a story I’d written in grade one. By grade two I’d read my first story in front of my class. It’s amazing that writing has played such an important part of my life even subconsciously.

    Nice cover. It’s certainly better than what I’d come up with.

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