A tanty

I don’t like outlining and that’s all there is to it. It makes the act of writing feel like work. I’ve read through all the books on how to outline/plan a novel and the more I read the more frustrated I become with the process. Note to self: stop reading how to books.

Here’s the thing: I’m afraid that an outline will make my writing too predictable, too stiff. Worse, an outline will show me where all the holes are! But I can’t trust the “organic” approach of finding the story as I go. This project is too big and too important to me to wing it. I know from past experience with major projects that brick walls always pop up in writing, regardless of whether you outline or not. Here’s one way of looking at outlines for anyone in the same situation as me: think of your outline is a rope. Not only will it keep you tethered to the story, but it will allow you to scale the wall when one plops itself in front of you. At least that’s the plan . . .


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