Goldfish in underpants

Today I’m thinking about possibilities. There are over six billion people on Earth, that’s over six billion stories, but the potential number of stories goes beyond the number of individuals alive today. If we include actual as well as hypothetical stories, past, present and future, the potential number of stories is staggering. So why is it so damned hard to pin down one of these potentials to write about? I have a notion for a story, a very good one, I think; I even have a character, a very likable one, but I also have many scenarios into which both the notion and the character could fit. All of them are tempting, all of them are appropriate. But I worry that the setting I choose will not do my notion justice and so I sit here chewing my fingernails attentive to all the what-ifs and barely moving beyond the original concept. I have come close to closing the deal on this notion too many times, only to have the muse tap me on the shoulder and ask ‘but what about this?’ And off we go again on a tangent of imaginings. If I could get paid for my powers of invention I’d be a millionaire and probably the happiest little Vegemite in the world! Alas, the only people who get paid for thinking are philosophers and physicists. I proved myself a crappy philosopher years ago at university, and having recently read Fred Wolf’s Parallel Universes, I can safely say that I am to physics as underwear is to a goldfish. What I really need now is the power of resolve. Pick one and do that. The others can be written later, with new people and new notions. Swami Sam says I need a systematic approach, but Swami Sam is one of those people who gets philosophers and physicists and is able to implement strategies only they understand, a talent I envy. For the moment I’m stuck with the chaos of my imagination with its short attention span and its tendency to digress. Now I can’t get the image of goldfish in underpants out of my head!


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One Response to Goldfish in underpants

  1. vanyieck says:

    That seems to be the risk of writing. We take the risk that what we’re writing is the best possible scenario. That of all possible worlds the one we create is the one that resonates with the most (the right?) people. Risk can be paralyzing, but also liberating. Writers are in the enviable position to be able to choose. It is the power of creation.

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