Swami Guru on the Mountain Top

My sister has a title for people who know everything – Oh Swami Guru on the Mountain Top. My family – all members of the Swami Guru on the Mountain Top assembly – has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creative energy and so I dedicate this section to them, because without their little nuggets of wisdom and encouragement I could not continue.

Pay close attention to what those close to you are saying, because they might know something you don’t and believe it not they’re in a better position to evaluate your work than you are.

The first nugget comes from Oh Swami-Guru sister. She says “Write as though no one is watching and no one will read it, not even yourself. Write it and leave it for a week before reading it”.

Perhaps if I followed this advice I might not feel so self-conscious about seeing my own words on the page.


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Writer, bibliophile, dreamer and student of everything
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One Response to Swami Guru on the Mountain Top

  1. Chuddy says:

    Hi reader/writers, I’m the sis
    When you do something you love, do it with total abandon like thesunlitdesk does. If you love it, your love will show, and people will not be able to look away. I would love to tell you her full title under the swami guru entitlement, it’s something we created as loving siblings to make each other feel special. You are never too old to play with your siblings or partner.
    Good luck Gummers, my special friend.
    Love you

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